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October 2006 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Black Tri Male, ID#A003223
This nice black tri is at the Placer County Shelter. His is around 7 years old.

Placer County Animal Control
11251 B Avenue
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: (530) 886-5539

This blue merle girl is described as friendly and sweet by the shelter staff.

SPCA of Clearlake
8025 Highway 29
Kelseyville, CA 95453
Phone: 707-279-1400


Freddy from Puppy Mill

Ricky and Freddy are the first litter of pups we received from the puppy mill in El Dorado County. They were born 9/1 and can go to their new homes on 10/28. They are all blue merles with blue eyes and their long tails. Lucy has a mohawk! They are being raised in my home, have played with toys and are being held and loved. They aren't responding to the flash cards, but hey, they're still young! Applications should be submitted now.

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/22***

Lois and Cosmo, George and Babe
Cosmo lives in East Sacramento with Lois, George and Babe, the Boster Terrier. He goes everywhere with his new family, including walks, the dog park and their vacation home in Truckee! Cosmo waited patiently for his perfect forever home!

Cosmo is a hilarious 2-3 year old, 10 lb. terrier mix who loves to run around with a stuffed toy in his mouth! He fetches like a pro! He's lovey, funny, huggable, and likes his crate. He is another lost soul from July 4th. We had him neutered and he's ready for adoption!

It's evident he's been an outside dog only cause he marks, but he's improved greatly with correction. He loves EVERYONE and is really one of a kind. The kind folks at the vet's office could hardly part with him and nick named him Gizmo! He's fine with children. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at


Lucy from Puppy Mill
Lucy, Ricky and Freddy are the first litter of pups we received from the puppy mill in El Dorado County. They were born 9/1 and will be ready for their new homes on 10/28. They are all blue merles with blue eyes and their long tails. Lucy has a mohawk! They are being raised in my home, have played with toys and are being held and loved. They aren't responding to the flash cards, but hey, they're still young! Applications should be submitted now for her brothers who are still available. Contact: Kim at

MOJO, the Little Blue Merle Boy
Mojo is 14 weeks old, has had 3 booster shots and is neutered. He's smart as a whip, is becoming potty trained by his excellent foster mom and knows sit and come already! This little guy was rescued from a back yard breeder who has more puppies on the way and wanted to "make room". Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/20***

Hunter NCAR #325

Hunter lives with Sandra in Madera. She loved him the second she met him and we think the feeling is mutual! He'll run around 10 acres with his Border Collie brother and play fetch with his mom.

Hunter is about 5 years old and 55 lbs. He was rescued from the shelter about 2 years ago. His owner died and now her daughter is overwhelmed with 4 dogs and 3 kids - she wants him to have a better life.

His age is an estimate, and from his energy level and behavior, I think he's about 5 too. He is a fabulous Aussie: Plays with a soccer ball, plays with other dogs, likes people and comes when called. He will chase a cat, but it's all in fun. He really needs and wants loving and he's a sweet, sweet boy. He is ready to play fetch and run around in an instant. He's lived with kids and can handle lots of stuff, including walks in crowds, parks, meeting new dogs and people. If someone can throw the ball for him or take him to a dog park so he can run around daily, he'd be happy! Hunter is in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/20***


Pam & Brannen
Brannen lives in South Lake Tahoe with Pam. Pam wanted an all around great Aussie and got an added bonus by finding Brannen who also loves classical music!

Brannen is a darling 3 year old red tri. He's been through some obedience and beginning agility and likes it! He's friendly with children, women, men and has lived with dogs and cats. Brannen was given a puppy cut, but his coat is growing back in nicely! He was raised on classical flute music and oves toys that make sounds!

Brannen loves affection, walks, music, playing Frisbee, playing with other dogs and children. He can play Frisbee till you're tired.....he's a wonderful Aussie boy. Located in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/19***

Norm, NCAR #302
Norm is a very sweet and gorgeous 3 year old black tri who was born deaf. He likes cats, dogs and does well with everyone. No one thinks he's I've stopped telling them. His owner surrendered him to the Visalia shelter because he had no time for him. Norm lived the last year of his life outside 24/7.

6/25 Norm is the Dog Park Ambassador. He greets strangers sweetly and usually sits right next to them...seems all dogs like him, too. He likes to romp with playful dogs and is easy to have around. He hasn't met a person he doesn't like.

Norm can be startled, and can be a little mouthy when excited, but he's never mean. One needs to be extra careful with deaf Aussies. He loves riding in the car and has become my "shadow". He knows how to get what he wants and is an ultra sweet boy who responds well to hand signals. Understandably, he doesn't like to be left alone outside because he spent too much time alone in his previous home. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact Kim at


Bandit NCAR #175

Will & Susan
Here's Will (formerly Bandit) and Susan at Statue Lake in the Russian Wilderness Area of Northern California. Will is fascinated by the fish and loves to swim ~ he's a great hiker and loves being out in the mountains!

Bandit is a happy, very energetic 3 year-old, neutered male Aussie/Cattle Dog mix. He has a long coat with feathers and many Aussie features, but the stocky body of a Cattle Dog. Bandit has a solid temperament, although he is collar shy, meaning he doesn't like being grabbed by his collar. He's got great doggie-communication skills and is ready for anything!

He loves playing in water...hose, pool, puddles, river! He's sweet, fun and loves playing with the other dogs in his foster home. He does well at the dog park and plays well with other dogs. He ignores cats and is very focused on his "person." He is learning not to be mouthy, but can nip at children's heels when they run from him. So, due to his mouthiness and his reaction to being grabbed by the collar, we think he'd be best in an active adult home or in a home with older teenaged children who are dog savvy.

Update from his foster mom 6/24 He's doing fantastic! His basic obedience is right on and his manners are even better!! To say the least, my husband wishes that all the dogs that come here were like him. He still shows us he's collar shy, but we're doing our best to desensitize him which will need to continue in his forever home. He's great with the other dogs, and the cats, and the people that are always coming and going here....He's just such a great guy, people need to come meet him!

He's having a great time being fostered with an obedience trainer in Brentwood, near Antioch. Bandit is a great jogging partner!

See Bandit Fetch [231 KB]

Contact: Lori at

***ADOPTED 10/17***

Yolanda & Riley, Todd & Thunder
Thunder lives in Vacaville with Yolanda and Todd and his mini aussie brother, Riley. Riley is a pistol and great match for Thunder, who outweighs him! These two boys are endlessly entertaining!

Thunder is an 18 month old miniature black tri Aussie. He's a doll who has had no formal training. He's a nice, nice boy, all wiggles and smiles who likes children, cats and other dogs. He has lots of energy that would benefit from obedience and possibly agility. This is a nice boy ready for a great new home. Fostered in Sacramento. Application required. Contact Kim at

Bumper is a 14 week old lethal white Aussie puppy who is deaf and blind. He's impressive and inspirational because he seems to get around and have a blast and make it look effortless! He's being trained by hand signals and doing great! He is one of the puppies from Arthur Warren and Georgia THompson...not considered "sellable" so they gave him to NorCal Aussie Rescue. Bumper is fostered in Hollywood, Southern California. Contact: Kim at


Holden is a 5-6 year old blue merle who was adopted in 2004 from the Contra Costa Animal Shelter in Martinez. He is a big, beautiful boy who will chase squirrels and probably a running cat. He is timid with new dogs, and timid and can bark at new people, so a quiet, country-like environment would be best for Holden. He loves being petted by anyone who comes to his home! He's a jewel in the house and has no bad habits. He barks at trucks, cars and passing objects while in the car, but on longer trips settles down and sleeps.

He's doing very well in one of our foster homes. Likes everyone and is enjoying country life! Fostered in Susanville. Contact: Kim at

Pepper loves to chase balls in the surf at Fort Funston. He is looking for a buddy who likes to play fetch as much as he does. Pepper is a four-year-old tricolor neutered male Australian Shepherd mix with big blue eyes. He is housetrained, knows several commands and is very smart. He has lots of energy and will need vigorous exercise every day. Pepper is quite an affectionate boy and loves to be petted by people he knows. He will come over to put his head in your lap. But he does not like being handled by strangers, so his new owners need to use patience in winning his trust and good sense in keeping an eye on him in public. Experienced dog-owners only. No children, please.
Pepper has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. So far it has not slowed him down in the least, but he may need medication and even surgery in the future. Rescued by Grateful Dogs Rescue in San Francisco. Please contact them at:

Cinnamon is an 8 year old, beautiful dark red tri Aussie. She is incredibly smart, devoted and full of play. However, she gets jealous and aggressive towards other dogs in her household and needs to be an only dog. She's fascinated with cats and although she doesn't hurt them, she won't leave them alone. As an only dog, she is a superb animal. She is fine with dogs she meets casually. She has been through obedience and is currently enjoying agility training. She loves to leap in the air to catch. She is crate trained, readily works for treats and loves attention. She is excellent with school age children. Application required. Cinnamon is in Sacramento. Contact Nancy Dougan at

Kira is probably 15-18 months old and came from the Stockton Shelter. She is a sweet dog and her owner chose her because of the mellow character she displayed at the shelter. However, the mellowness wore off after she came home to a small animal sanctuary where she chased the chickens and fatally injured a bunny rabbit. She is quite active and wants to play and run a lot! In addition, she has little respect for the older dogs in her home and dominates 2 senior dachshunds, and harasses the cats! She needs to play with other Aussies or herding dogs, get training and structure in her new home (what else is new?) She likes people and children, barks at the gardener and mailman and needs leadership. Kira is in Brentwood. Contact Kim at


Elsa, ID #A044325 URGENT!

Elsa's had a rough past, and we'd like to find her a great forever home. She's been at the shelter since August 19 - now she's in temporary foster care. She came in as stray after being adopted in June - her new owner didn't come in to claim her.

Elsa is spayed and approximately 3 years old. She may be an Aussie mix, but we think perhaps she's an Aussie with her tail. She's in the shelter's "Heeling Touch Program" which means she's been evaluated by the shelter's humane educator to be good with dogs and adolescent kids. Because of these traits 12 to 16-year-old kids at Juvenile Hall work with her on basic behavior -- heel, sit, down and come. Volunteers have also been working with her on a Gentle Leader and she does well.

9/22 Elsa report from foster mom: "Elsa settled into her kennel last nite and not a peep from her all nite. She appears to be VERY housebroken, will not soil in her kennel and waits to be let out. She is upbeat, but not obnoxious, she has sniffed and wagged her tail at all my dogs thru her kennel bars and has not shown anything but curious friendliness. She loves to run with my young
hyperactive male and they chase, then jump in the water trough, chase some more then they settle down and just hang out. She is eating 2 good meals a day, she sure needs some more meat on her. She is fine on a leash. She comes when she is called, not sure if she knows her name cause all you have to say is "come on" and she is eager for attention and pets. She
will make a wonderful companion for some lucky person. I am sure that the relative quiet of the country (just rooster's crowing and cows mooing and birds singing) is a welcome change to the noise of the shelter. She is a joy to foster. Diane"

Elsa loves to play with dogs. She's also gently affectionate and will solicit pets from people. If you're sitting, she'll place her paw on your arm to remind you she's there. Elsa is interested in cats but with a word will leave them alone. She is attentive, calm and quiet. She rides well in the car.

Elsa is at the San Luis Obispo County Animal Services, 885 Oklahoma Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. Shelter phone: 805-781-440. For more details on her sweet temperament, please call the Volunteer Line at 805-781-4413. We can't take her into rescue because we're full at the moment. Please help her get out if you can.

BEN, NCAR #292

Ben lives in Livermore with Marty, Debra and Buddy. It was love at first site! Ben will get plenty of walks and romps at the dog park with his new brother Buddy. Ben's a happy boy!

This handsome Red Tri Aussie boy was a stray at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter. He passed temperament testing, but started shutting down so we took him into foster care. He's down to 78 lbs. (from 85 lbs.) and getting daily running exercise and loving it!

Ben's a real head-turner...all you want to do is run your hands through his coat - and that's fine by him! He's about 2 years old, VELCRO, and has had no formal training. He's just naturally a nice boy. He can be stubborn about coming when called, or going through the door when he doesn't want to, but he's getting better and always.......always sports a huge grin! He would benefit from obedience training in his new home. He's being rewarded for coming when called, sitting for treats and is learning boundaries. He's goofy sometimes, and can be very pushy about asking for pets and loving...he really leans in and breathes on his person! He likes car rides, plays with dogs at the dog park and clearly wants to be a Nanny for the little dogs. No cats...he doesn't leave them alone and wants to lick them! Contact Kim at
Video of Ben [132 KB]

***ADOPTED 10/1***

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