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September 2005 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.

Beau, NCAR #218
Beau lives with Christine and her family in Fairfield. He'll get to go to work with Christine, play in the creek behind his new home and soak up the love and attention he deserves!

This handsome Sable Aussie was found in the country. He's an extremely nice and loyal boy who wouldn't leave this kind woman's home. No one answered her ad in the paper or her notices at the Shelter. He likes everyone! Dogs, cats, men, and....LOVES his foster mom! We know he loves people, but has nipped at a young teen after he had been hugged on "too much." (overstimulated!) He would do best in a home with children over 15 who understand his temperament.

The vet estimates him to be 4-5 years old. Beau walks gently on a leash, loves his tummy rubbed and did very well at our reunion in June! Fostered in Woodland. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/29***

Barley NCAR #239
Bob and Barley live in Monterey where they will go to the beach daily and be best buds. Barley is attached to Bob already and follows his every step!

Barley is a gorgeous 2 year old blue merle rescued from the Martinez Animal Shelter. His owner surrendered him along with his brother due to "moving." He's 57 pounds, neutered and up to date on all his shots. He was adopted by a family with small children. All went OK for a month, then his intolerance for toddlers surfaced...he has snapped at the family's 4 and 5 year old children.

He is very well behaved, knows sit and wait and is fabulous with children ages 10 and up. He loves chewing his tennis balls and loves to play fetch...and loves playing in the hose. He is very affectionate, and gets loving from all family members whenever he wants it...typical pushy and slightly dominant Aussie! Barley has lived with another dog and a lizard and will chase cats. This boy is a good boy who needs an experienced home without small children where he'll get continued training - he's very smart! Fostered in Santa Rosa. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/25***
Buddy is a young, already neutered Aussie mix. He's sweet and playful. Please contact Pam Levin at Buddy is at Haven Humane in Red Bluff. His ID IS 12755 and he's in Kennel 40.

Buddy is a beautiful sweet dog, but due to his owners allergies he needs find a new home ASAP! He is about a year old and around 50-60 lbs. Buddy is a sweet dog....he seems to be partial to women and he's good with kids, but due to his energy he probably would be too much for small kids. He tends to be unsure of men at first, but he's fine once he gets to know them. He likes to run and play outside a lot. If you are interested in meeting this fun boy, please contact us right away, his owner won't be able to keep him much longer!

Sacramento Independent Animal Rescuers
Sacramento, CA
916-723-3506 or 721-7850

Dingo is 2-3 years old and a very nice Cattle Dog who was found in a parking lot. She's spayed, very friendly and loves people...all people! She lets me handle her, check her teeth, flip her over on her back, put eye-drops in her eye, and handle her paws. She walks pretty well on a leash and stays with a person off-leash. She knows "sit", "down", and "shake." She is hit-or-miss on "stay", "wait", "off", and "back." We are working on those, and she is quickly learning. She seems to for the most part get along with other dogs, but will squabble a bit over food, bones, or toys.

She is an absolute love of a dog though. She wants nothing more than to be with a person. She loves pets and tunny scratches. She curls up on the couch with us watching tv. She is a velcro dog, but suffers a bit from separation anxiety. We think she'd do well in a home where her person is with her and can gradually leave her alone for longer periods of time. She'd do best as an only dog or living with an easy going male. Contact Jen at (530)666-1801 and cell (530) 383-3945.

Aussie Mix Puppies
These 4 Aussie mix puppies are ready for their new home! They were abandoned at 3 weeks old and will be ready for their new homes on October 1. They are active and friendly and need someone active and home a lot to give them the attention they need!

Tehama County Department of Animal Services
Red Bluff, CA
Phone: 530-527-3439

Merlin is 9 months old. He is deaf, but has good eyesight. He is great with people and other dogs. He knows all of his basic commands and is now being trained with a vibration collar. Merlin would love to be adopted by an active family. Contact Marti Watts at the San Francisco SPCA if you would like to meet Merlin.

San Francisco SPCA
250 Florida St.
San Francisco
Phone: 415-522-3500
11:00-6:00 daily.

Black Tri Girl
This is a nice female black tri in Humboldt County. She's beautiful!

Humboldt County Animal Services
980 Lycoming Drive
McKinleyville, CA 95519
Phone: 707-840-9132
Ask for ID A021467

Blue Merle Girl, ID #A023175
This 10-year-old blue merle girl is at Humboldt County Animal Services.

Humboldt County Animal Services
980 Lycoming Drive
McKinleyville, CA 95519
Phone: 707-840-9132

Princess, ID #A167377
Princess is a 10-month-old black tri girl at Stanislaus County Animal Services.

Stanislaus County Animal Services
2846 Finch Road
Modesto, CA 95354
Phone: 209-558-7387

Red Merle, ID #A074879
This female red merle Aussie at the Stockton Animal Shelter is available for adoption.

Stockton Animal Shelter
1575 South Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA 95206
Phone: 209-937-8274


Rufus is a nice black tri! He's neutered, very social and cat friendly. He's on the big side and pulls on a leash. Rufus was in the Tulare County Animal Control shelter in Visalia and has been rescued by Second TIme Around Aussie Rescue.

New contact:

***Rescued by STAAR***
Maynard (was Bill Goodwin)
Maynard is a very handsome boy at Happy Hearts Rescue in Sonora. He is friendly and ready for his new family! Bill is a bit cat aggressive. He walks well on a lead, is a lovey boy and gets along with other dogs. He's approximately 1 1/2 years old and weighs about 50 pounds.

Contact Shelly at Happy Hearts: 209-532-8853.

***ADOPTED 9/16***
Rose Marie
Rose Marie is a very gregarious girl. She is friendly and very peppy. No couch potatoes for her. She is all about lively fun. Rose is approximately 6 months old and about 30 pounds. This puppy is available for adoption now!

Merced County Animal Control
Merced, CA
Phone: 209-385-7436

***ADOPTED and lives in Connecticut!***
Red-Tri Male, ID 05-SC-304
This Very Handsome Australian Shepherd has become a favorite of the shelter workers and volunteers. He is an Affectionate, Friendly dog who has been called mush by most of the people who have met him. He has very much the Velcro personality of the Aussie and beautiful red and white coloring. He walks extremely well on the leash and enjoys his walks thoroughly. He is a special dog looking for that special person to love.

***ADOPTED 9/15***
Black Tri, ID #A077728
This male black tri Aussie at Yuba County Animal Care Services is available for adoption.

Yuba County Animal Care Services
5245 Feather River Boulevard
Marysville, CA 95901
Phone: 530-741-6478

***ADOPTED 9/13***


Dogs Stranded by Katrina
Samantha and her brother Boomer in her new home! Congratulations!
Sam is an attractive, four year old, red tri Aussie girl. She has not been happy in her home ever since her owners moved to the suburbs and had children. Sam loved living in a city apartment with a visit to an offleash park once or twice a day. Because she seems to find it stressful to keep watch over her owners' beautiful big yard, and also seems nervous of the toddlers, her owners have made the painful decision to find her a home where she can be happier and more relaxed. She likes babies and older children, as well as adults.

Sam has been through many training classes and has very good obedience skills; she also knows quite a few tricks. She has that typical Aussie reserve -- she is a completely typical Aussie. She generally accepts other dogs, and likes to play with some; she probably would ignore, or chase but not harm cats. She is well-housetrained and not destructive.
Sam would be happiest in a toddler-free household with at least one adult who enjoys bonding, spending time with, and training her. We think she'd enjoy an urban home, but in the right situation, Sam should be "plug and play." Located in Orinda. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/12***
Black Tri, ID #A074728
This female black tri Aussie at the Stockton Animal Shelter is available for adoption.

Stockton Animal Shelter
1575 South Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA 95206
Phone: 209-937-8274

This friendly girl is at the Tulare County Animal Shelter. She's waiting to meet you!

Tulare County Animal Shelter
14131 Ave 256
Visalia, CA 93292
Phone: 559-636-DOGS

Black Tri Girl, ID #A074291
This little girl looks like an Aussie and quite young. She'll be available for adoption 9/6. Go and meet her!

Stockton Animal Shelter
1575 South Lincoln Street
Stockton, CA 95206
Phone: 209-937-8274

Blue Merle Girl
This young aussie mix is at the SPCA in Bakersfield. She's not very big, is 2-3 years old and has one gray and one brown eye. She's a nice girl available now in Bakersfield.

Bakersfield SPCA
3000 Gibson St
Bakersfield, CA 93308
Phone: 661-323-8353

Aussie Mix Puppy, ID #12622c
This cute little female Aussie mix puppy is at the Haven Humane Society in Redding, CA.

Haven Humane Society
7449 Eastside Road
Redding, CA 96099
Phone: 530-241-1653


Cookie, NCAR #236
Cookie with John & Corrine, her new puppy parents!
Cookie lives with John and Corinne in Burlingame. Sweet Cookie has a big yard to play fetch in and will go on weekend camping trips which she'll absolutely love!

Cookie is a 6-7 year old tiny yet sturdy blue merle girl. She weighs 34 pounds and her eyes are gorgeous! But the best part is that she's got a darling personality and loves to rest her chin on my leg.

She likes to fetch and prances when she runs! She jumps in the back of the SUV and is ready to go anywhere, anytime! She's determined to get the tennis ball and if she thinks another dog will get it, she won't drop it! But if she's not competing with other dogs, she drops it in front of me! She's had a flea allergy for awhile, so the vet is treating her with antibiotics and light steroids. Medication and nutritious food will bring her coat back in a few months. We'll also have her teeth cleaned so they sparkle like her eyes! Fostered in Sacramento. Contact Kim at

Both Cookie and Tess are under going the same medical treatment. Any donation towards their care is greatly appreciated! Donating is simple and quick with PayPal!

Video of Cookie Fetching [402 KB]

***ADOPTED 9/10***
Jasper, NCAR #238
Don & Jasper
Jasper lives with Don in Bakersfield where he'll get a long walk daily, trips to the dog park and plenty of ball playing. Jasper and Don will be constant companions!

Jasper is a small and young red tri. He's under 40 pounds and just under a year old. He was found running loose in a school yard. He's timid, but shows no signs of fear aggression. New experiences can frighten him, so slow, gentle introductions to the world are a must. He should not be placed with children under 12 as most commotion scares him. A quiet, dog savvy home is best for Jasper. He is very affectionate and allows petting and loves to cuddle with his foster mom. He likes other dogs, but wants his toys for himself! He fetches nicely with someone he trusts. He takes a verbal reprimand to heart and stops whatever he is doing, at least momentarily. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/9***
Dobby is a 2 year old fun Aussie or BC mix. He plays hard and thrives on lots of stimulation and exercise. He can be aggressive towards dogs who won't play hard with him, so his owners would like to rehome him. They go to parks regularly with their two infants and their other dog, and don't feel comfortable taking Dobby along. Dobby knows: Sit, down, come, stay, wait, leave it, and off. Dobby does not read the signs for "enough is enough" very well, which has led him to get into fights with some dogs (e.g. other dog will say "enough is enough," Dobby will continue playing, other dog gets angry and snaps at Dobby, Dobby snaps back and you can guess the rest. Given time to establish a relationship, Dobby eventually learns to get along with most dogs.He loves all people, even if they are strangers. He greets everyone with wagging tail and friendly licks. He likes children of all ages. He is extremely tolerant and lets a 3-year-old climb all over him. He has never shown any aggression towards a child or adult.

This boy needs a ton of exercise and will do well with an active home and could be an excellent running or hiking companion. He is not a candidate for regular trips to dog parks. He'd rather go on romps in open space or the beach and play fetch! He'll chase a ball until he dropped if you let him! He loves to play with most dogs if they tolerate rough and tumble play. He likes going on hikes and the beach and is good off leash. He is very affectionate and loves neck scratches and belly rubs and being near his owners. Dobby is in Mountain View. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/6***

Chance is a 6 year old neutered black tri. He's been through "boarding school" and is an excellent work dog - he would do in any kind of training program, obedience, agility, herding, possibly tracking. He loves people and greets strangers at the front door and solicits affection. He needs to be introduced to dogs slowly and carefully though...he is not trusting of them. We don't think he's a good candidate for dog parks...but that's OK, cause there's plenty of other things to do with this boy.

Chance is great with kids! Toddlers however, make him a bit nervous. He prefers older children who can play catch and run with him. He likes to pull people on rollerblades! He rides in the car, has lived with another older dog and a cat, and walks ok on a lead with a "Gentle Leader". Chance is a talker, and always greets people with lots of "words." He is being rehomed because his owners had a baby and can't give him the attention he deserves. The other dog in the home is 10 and not capable of wrestling with him anymore. This is a loving, affectionate boy who makes a terrific constant companion. Chance is in Roseville, CA. Contact: Kim at

Dollie NCAR #216
Dollie and Kim
Dollie & Kim
Dollie lives and plays with Kim and her Aussie crew. She's enrolled in obedience class and swims in the river or her pool daily!

Dollie is doing great! She's 4 months and was purchased for a grandmother as a gift. It took only 3 days for the grandmother to surrender her to the Clovis Animal Shelter. This is why signs are posted in shelters that read: ANIMALS ARE NOT GIFTS!

Dollie is fun, moderatly active, curious and has good doggy and people skills. She is quite independent and plays well on her own as well as with her foster siblings. She loves everybody and every dog she meets. She loves her toys, is learning to fetch both a ball and a Frisbee, and flies through the doggie door to the yard...sometimes with Mr. Cow, (her favorite stuffed animal) in her mouth! She makes us laugh and learns things at lightning speed! Dollie is enrolled in an obedience class and has shown us she will excel at whatever she undertakes. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/6***
Lucky is a young, energetic dog. He loves attention and is also house trained. He likes other dogs and is a very nice boy.

Ripon Police Department
Ripon, CA
Phone: 209-599-2102

***Adopted 9/6***
Little Girl
Little Girl looks like she is having a good laugh. This sweet Australian shepherd is about 5-6 years old with a calm pleasing personality. She is merle and white and has a blue and a brown eye. Little Girl appears to be good with other dogs. She was very gentle when introduced to small children. To adopt this sweetheart, email FOAC.

Friends of Animal Control
Sonora, CA

***Adopted 9/4***
Yukon is a loving friendly dog, he was born blind in one eye and the other eye he has some vision but not too much, he gets around just fine. He's 2.5 years old and looking for a loving special person to bond with. He gets along with everyone even cats, but best without Toddlers as he is blind in one eye , older kids would be fine. As you can see he loves to eat so I think he needs more walks and playtime E-mail for more info or fill out application at Redding/Lakehead, CA 530-238-8789

Information on Deaf Aussies


Brodie and new brother Tye
Brodie (left) now lives with Tye, his 8 month old Aussie brother and their new mom, Kat in Concord. They play nicely together and will both be doing agility, where Tye has already excelled.

Brodie is a 5 1/2 year old 45 pound, AKC registered, red tri Australian Shepherd. He is neutered, up to date on his shots, house trained and excellent with other dogs. Brodie is good with older children and he prefers females. Brodie would have to be trained not to chase cats. Brodie was owned, raised and trained by a dog obedience/agility instructor who recently passed away. He is obedience and agility trained and has good manners. He is friendly, but a little shy and insecure right now, which is understandable having just lost his life long owner. Brodie is a great dog who deserves a great home. If you think you have the home for Brodie, please call Roxanne at 445-2806 (days), 443-2266 (evenings) or email her at

***ADOPTED 9/4/05***

Taylor, NCAR #213

Taylor and her new family
Taylor is lying at my feet while I write to you. I am already in deep love with her - she has not left my side. We took two walks together and she was absolutely perfect on the leash. She enjoyed her wonderful dinner and is starting to explore the house. When my dog passed away two weeks ago it was the first time in over 30 years that I did not have a dog in the bed. I am hoping that Taylor will crawl into our bed tonite. Taylor is wonderful and I know this will help me deal with the terrible grief of losing my little Aussie two weeks ago."

Taylor is a calm, extremely well mannered, beautiful female black tri. She's 6 years old and spent the first her first 4 years having puppies for a breeder in Oregon. She is not a playful Aussie, doesn't fetch or initiate play with other dogs, but does spring up in the air when we go on an outing! Taylor is head shy and doesn't like strangers putting their hands on top of her head...she'll duck away. Commotion and loud noise makes her uncomfortable.

Taylor is a wonderful companion Aussie who walks well on a lead, comes when called and is content to be with her human. She likes car rides and even wants to stay in the car for a nap after arriving home! Her favorite thing to do is hang on my bed or the couch with her head in my lap. She does occasionally chase and wrestle with Dollie - like a good mother would! We think she'd do best as a constant companion for someone who will keep her near by and away from lots of commotion. Fostered in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 9/4***

Lacy, ID #12299
Lacy is a beautiful female Aussie mix who was rescued from Haven Humane in Redding by Animal Friends. Lacy is now being fostered in Prunedale.

Contact: Debra at

***ADOPTED 9/3***
Shiloh lives with Sherry and Larry in Coloma and gets to romp on their wonderful property on the American River.

THE PERFECT COMPANION!! Shiloh is a beautiful, smart, friendly blue merle Aussie. He's 9 years old, neutered and has really nice manners. He's lived with children of all ages, including toddlers. He loves car rides, tummy rubs, shaking paws, and wants to be by your side every minute. He's good on a leash, loves walks and is good for the groomer. Best of all he is housebroken and likes cats! Fostered near Placerville. Contact: Kim at

*** ADOPTED 9/1***

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