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October 2004 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
Hank is an altered male Australian shepherd mix, 10 years old. He was surrendered along with Bobby (Peninula Humane Society, ref. number 317624), because their owner was moving and couldn't take them. He has a striking face with one blue eye and one brown eye and is an easy-going and sweet dog. He knows basic obediences commands, loves treats, making him easy to train. He is at Pennisula Humane Society and his reference number is 317625.
Pennisula Humane Society
12 Airport Boulevard, San Mateo, CA 94401
Phone 650.340.7022
Fax 650.685.0102

***ADOPTED 10/30/04***
Quincy STAAR #3955
Quincy was adopted by John and Suzette and now lives in Ridgecrest, Ca.

Quincy is a 6 year old neutered blue merle with one brown eye and one blue/brown marble eye. Quincy's owner died and left him looking for a new home. He's very sweet, housebroken, knows basic commands and is current on all vaccines. He's lived with children 6 years and up and even likes cats. He's very friendly, walks calmly on leash and is great in the car . He gets along with other dogs but can be food protective. He is fostered in Carmel Valley, CA. Please contact STAAR rep Sue Trapp at 831-659-4853 or

***ADOPTED 10/30/04***
Riser STAAR #3972
Riser was adopted by Sue and Peter and now lives in Orinda, CA

Riser is a 14 month old neutered black tri male. He's very calm, sweet and loves to cuddle. He's about 55 pounds, likes his toys and chews. He's OK with cats and loves to play with other dogs. He knows sinple commands, walks calm on leash and is housebroken. He can be with children 6 and up. He's in Salinas, CA please call Sue at 831-659-4853 or

***ADOPTED 10/30/04***
Pubu NCAR #135
Pubu got adopted by his foster family.
We rescued Pubert (Pubu) and his Mom (Calamity) almost a year ago. Pubu's mom is a beautiful blue merle who got adopted about 4 months ago. Now it's Pubu's turn! Although he looks a lot like his mother, Pubu's dad was not full Aussie, hence Pubu's almost husky-like look. Pubu is sweet and a very good boy.

See a Video of Pubu [113 KB]

He sleeps in his foster parents' bedroom, hangs outside with his foster siblings and is happy to just be invited to the party, but he doesn't fetch or wrestle...he simply likes to watch! He's 6 years old, neutered and has his fluffy tail. Pubu was a 4H project for his former owner's children and LOVES people. He does talk in a growl, which takes some getting used to...but he's not really growling - just expressing himself. Fostered near Santa Rosa.
Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/28/04***

Jilly in her hew home
Meet Jillaroo, nicknamed Jilly. Jillaroo is Aussie slang for a female ranch hand. She's now on a diet and getting over kennel cough & skin irritation from flea bites. She's very calm and is getting attached to her new parents. Jilly is living in Nevada City with great folks who submitted their adoption application to NCAR the very same day this beautiful girl became available at the shelter. I suggested they drive to the shelter to meet her and it was love at first sight! Lucky Jilly!

This girl is about 3-4 years old, possibly spayed, but not quite sure. She's very friendly, outgoing, and overweight. She's not well groomed and had fleas, so she may have been a back yard dog. This girl is available Friday, October 22, so RUSH to the Yolo County SPCA, or give Ken a call to make sure she's still there. This is a great little blue merle girl!

Yolo County Animal Services
2640 E. Gibson Rd. Woodland, CA 95776.
Ken can be reached at 530-758-SPCA (Ext. 7722)

***ADOPTED 10/22/04***
CHESTER may be a herding dog mixed possibly with Siberian Husky. Hes a two year old neutered male, has all his shots, is micro-chipped and heartworm negative. Hes completed basic obedience, is housebroken, leash-trained and crate trained. Hes OK with food, toys and gives them up to children. Heres what his foster dad has to say about him: We rescued Chester as a puppy and placed him a very good home. Changing circumstances have left the family unable to give Chester the time and training he needs. The family has asked us to find a good home for Chester. Chester is an excellent watchdog that's protective of his people and his property. Unlike almost all Siberians, he can be trusted off leash. Also unlike almost all Siberians, Chester is an "only" dog - he's not happy about other dogs on his turf. What type of home are we looking for? Chester needs to be primarily an indoor dog. He'd do best with an active owner or family that will provide him with plenty of daily exercise and training. Although Chester has done very well in advanced obedience lessons, he should have continual training to maintain discipline and satisfy his desire to "work" and please his human family. Chester should not go to a home with another dog or small pets. He also should be in a home with older children, because he likes to "herd" infants and toddlers. Contact Alan Doyle 707-643-7975 days and email:

***ADOPTED 10/17/04***
Kimmy is a 5 year old spayed female Blue Merle. She's small at only 28 pounds.She was bred for the first 4 years of her life and "rescued" by a wonderful neighbor who found her a home about three months ago. However, the people who adopted her are very active and Kimmy is a "couch potato" who loves to hang out at home with her people, go on leisurely walks and car rides, but that's all she needs to be happy. She's up to date on her shots and very healthy. She loves to play with other dogs, is shy towards men, rides in the car fine, can stay alone in a yard, sleeps in her owners bedroom, walks well on a leash and has no destructive habits. This is a shy girl, and would probably do best in a home without young children who are noisy and have friends over! Like many dogs, she fears fireworks and vacuums. We are looking for a quiet home for Kimmy where she'll get to be with her people a lot of the time, where there aren't a lot of visitors coming and going and where she'll get to go on walks around her neighborhood. This is a nice little girl who is not interested in high activity or dog parks where there's a lot going on...she'd rather wait in the car or stay at home on the couch! Located in Sacramento. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/17/04***
Tug is a 20 month old neutered blue merle. He's fun and sweet, and has had no formal training. He's lived with puppies, goats, cats and horses and is ok with sturdy children who can handle his enthusiastic greeting that includes jumping up! He would do well with training and will quickly become an inside and outside Aussie. Tugs has not received enough attention or stimulation, but despite that is a very sweet boy. Located in Monterey. Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/16/04**
Pinto is a beatiful blue merle boy - we think he's under 2 years of age. He is silly, friendly and playful. He walked quietly by the kennels of barking dogs and quiet dogs and showed no reaction. He also had no reaction to the cats either. I loved being outside in the play yard and seems pretty good on a leash for a young boy who suddenly found himself in a shelter. Pinto is at the Clovis Animal Shelter near Fresno. Contact Teri at

***Moved to Nevada Rescue***
This handsome boy is 1 1/2 years old and weighs about 65 lbs. His markings are predominantly black tri Aussie - with a white blaze and copper ticking down his legs. He has his fluffy tail! He is an Aussie/Collie cross. Wilson is extremely bright and attentive..but still pretty silly. He knows basic commands, and would excel in an obedience class to remind him what to do with his herding dog energy. He enjoys playing with other dogs, but could use more socialization with them.

He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and housebroken. He's loyal, protective and again very smart. He is true to both his breeds. He doesn't have crazy energy, just Aussie energy! Located near Fresno. Contact Teri Rockhold at Noah and Friends Animal Sanctuary,

***Moved to Nevada Rescue ***
Donner is a 3-4 year old neutered red tri aussie. This handsome fellow is extremely loving and adores children. He's calm and quiet in the house, doesn't chew and is housebroken. Current on shots and is healthy. Donner needs a home without other dogs and cats, he wants you all to himself. He loves to go for car rides and run on the beach. He's fostered in Salinas, CA. Please contact Sue Trapp at 831-659-4853 or

***ADOPTED 10/15/04***
Cutter is a 65 pound, 2 year old female blue merle Aussie. Her pedigree name is SandCreeek's Cutter Loose Boys. She's up to date on her shots and knows basic commands. She's lived indoors and outdoors and loves all people and all visitors to the home. She's great with children of all ages 2 years and up. She loves to walk on a leash and is a sweet girl. Her owners have a ranch with miniature horses and Cutter chases them, but not the big horses! Consequently, Cutter spends a lot of time in a kennel when her owner is out with the miniature horses. She will also chase goats - so this is an Aussie for a suburban family! Cutter is very beautiful, extremely loving and affectionate and would not be up for adoption if not for the chasing of the miniature horses. Cutter is in Williams, near Willows, CA.
Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/11/04***
Quonset is a 95 pound Aussie lover boy. We think he's under 3, and probably Aussie mixed with a very large breed. He's house trained, good with children and good with other dogs. He is very sweet and affectionate and knows sit and down. He is crate trained and jumps happily in the car to go for a drive! He loves to fetch and returns the ball or squeeky toy right to you! He is overweight and under exercised, so he's slowly trimming down in his foster home in Concord. He was an owner surrender to the Oakland Animal Shelter. To meet this boy, contact: Smiley Dog Rescue at (510) 496-3484 or email Lynne at

***ADOPTED 10/9/04***
Brody NCAR #146
Brody is a one year old red and white Aussie. This boy is full of fun and energy and he loves to swim! It only took him a week to take hold of his foster mom's heart. Brody has had very little training and just needs someone willing to teach him. He is fine around cats and sheep and most livestock. He is a very sweet boy who would be fine around children over 12. This is a sweet boy! He is fostered in Napa.
See Brody Fetch [199 KB]

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 10/2/04***
Cosmo and Gunner
Cosmo (5 years) and Gunner (9 years) need a new home. Their owner has been hospitalized and may not be coming home. They are neutered, and very nice boys. If you can help them out, please contact Margaret at 925-385-1618. In the Martinez Area.


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