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June 2008 Recently Adopted Aussies

The list of adopted aussies is growing fast! Wonderful for the dogs but hard to show all on one page. We have split up the past adoptions by month. Use the links to see all our wonderful adoptions and adoptions we have assisted.
View the dogs below. Click on their pictures to see a larger image. The links above will take you through our different categories of listings.
0804k025- Goofy - 1 year old, male, Australian shepherd/ Border collie Description: Wow, he couldnt have been given a better name for his personality. Goofy came to us in April 2008 along with 9 other dogs from a shelter in Merced where they were all at high risk of being euthanized. Hes Mr. Personality and he is ready to charm his way into his new home. Goofy does not seem to have been leash trained and zig zags in front of you while you walk him. He also didnt appear to know any commands, but when I sat down to teach him sit, it took him minutes to get it down. If you find the right treat and are consistent with him, anything is possible! Goofy met a male dog and a female dog here, the male he growled at and didnt seem too pleased to be around; the female he initiated play with and jumped around and pawed at her. In that case, Goofy cant go to a home with any male dogs, but females will be fine. He met that other male before being neutered and Im sure that will help, but just to be safe, keep it female for this guy. Goofy was introduced to our shelter cats and just followed them around sniffing them, I think in a comfortable setting he would chase cats and wouldnt put him in a home with any. He was just so interested in the cats here, and taking his breed mix into account, it just doesnt add up to being a cat friendly dog. Goofy would be great for a home with kids over eight. Im sure he would love to herd some small kids and sometimes can get too excited and jump up. Some sturdy, dog experienced kids would be ideal for this bouncy guy. Goofy is just plain fun and in the right home, his personality will shine.
Contact info:
Butte humane society
2579 fair st
chico ca 95928
Lindsay Kingman
530-343-7917 ext 104
Adoption- $75

0804k026- Shep - 4 year old, male, Australian shepherd/ border collie Description: Shep is a very handsome, lovely dog. He came to us in April 2008 along with 9 other dogs from a shelter in Merced where they were all at high risk of being euthanized. Shep is such a cool guy. Hes so laid back and relaxed for his breed mix! I couldnt believe it. Shep knows a few commands including sit, down and stay. Shep is VERY smart, he wont be difficult to train further. Usually with this breed I would say hed need a highly active home, but he seems so mellow. If youre considering taking Shep home, you should be aware that there is a chance he wont be so calm in your home after hes comfortable, and be prepared for a classic herding dog personality. Shep met some dogs here and was fine with them, hes more interested in people than anything else, including cats. I had to force him to look at a cat when I brought them to meet him, he just stared at me the whole time asking me to pet him. when I finally got him to look at the cat he couldnt have cared less! A multiple pet home will be fine for him. Shep would be great in a home with kids of any age, the only concern is the herding instinct. Because of that he should go to a home with kids over five, toddlers are fun to herd! Shep is a sweet, good natured, gentleman that deserves to be treated with the same respect he treats us with. A home where hes allowed inside with his family, but still has plenty of playtime would be ideal for him.
Contact info:
Butte humane society
2579 fair st
chico ca 95928
Lindsay Kingman
530-343-7917 ext 104
Adoption- $75

Barney, NCAR #460
Barney Blue lives with Geoff and Melissa who fell in love with Barney’s good nature and brains…and he’s awfully handsome, too!

Barney is a gorgeous 5 year old blue merle. He's big at almost 70 pounds! He's used to living in a mobile home park with a tiny yard, has great manners, is housebroken, and had formal obedience classes. He knows: Sit, Stay, Down, and will fetch, return and drop.

He really loves to play ball and walks well on a leash. He's used to being outside a lot, but is fine inside the house. This is a great boy who has one tiny issue...he doesn't like a person to lie down on him! He also isn't really playful with many dogs....he's a member of the "fun police" meaning he stops rough housing.

Barney's a great companion dog who should continue on his weight loss program to get down to 60 or so pounds. Barney is in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 6/27***
Sammy NCAR #477
Sammy went home with Torri and David. They wanted a mellow, loving boy who loves everyone.

Sammy is a 4-6 year old blue merle we rescued from the Manteca shelter. Although his coat looks like he’s a black tri, he’s got a little patch of merle and one blue eye. He’s about as perfect as it gets. Quiet, obedient, smart, easy-going and sweet. His coat is coming back from flea bite dermatitis. How did this boy sit in the shelter for so long without his owner coming for him?

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 6/26***
Herbie is a 2-year-old Australian Shepherd. With no tail and his lovely markings, he is a beautiful boy. Herbie is a happy boy who loves to make new friends. Unfortunately his owners lost their home and had to surrender both him and his friend, Kiwi (also posted on our site). Herbie is playful and loving, he would make a great dog to take on long hikes and would enjoy being with you. If you would like to meet Herbie, please fill out an adoption application.

Contact: Smiley Dog Rescue
Phone Number: 510-496-3484


Sirius and family
Sirius lives in Sebastopol with John and Robin who are “smitten” with him and love his big smile!

Sirius is a darling 3 year old Aussie mix. His owner got seriously ill, so a kind woman has been taking care of him on her working ranch in Livermore. He’s just too wonderful to describe. He knows Sit, come, lay down, stay. She thinks he was trained to bob his head when you call him and "smiles" whenever he is happy and/or greets people.He’s living on a 100 acre horse ranch that was just sold, so he needs a new home by June 30.

He’s good on a leash, has always lived with other dogs, fine with young grandchildren that visit and is good in the car. He will chase rabbits out of their vegetable garden and barks at and chases away feral pigs. (now that’s something not many people have!) He’s lived with cats, horses and is good on a leash. He has no car sense though!

Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 6/17***
George NCAR#

George and his family

George digging for voles out on a hike.

Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 6/14/08***
Winnie NCAR #350

Winnie and family
Winnie with her new sister Fletcher, and brother Wagner. She's making the transition easily and although we miss her, we're very happy that she's found her forever home.

Winnie's owners surrendered her to the Contra Costa Animal Shelter because they were moving. Winnie (short for Winnie the Pooh) is 11 years old. Makes us think she grew up with children. She's so easy to have around...sometimes I forget where she is! She's darling, housebroken and does what she's told. She's very animated and does quite a dance when it's meal time, and when I come home...the rest of the time, she's pretty calm! Winnie's favorite place is the sofa.

She's gotten in shape since coming here in March, 2006. She came to us at 83 pounds and she's now 55 pounds...SVELT! We had full blood panels done on her and she's healthy and needs no medication. Winnie's hearing is going, but she doesn't miss anything...very focused on all people and sweetly solicits pets from all visitors. Fostered in Grass Valley. Contact: Kim at

***Adopted 6/8/08***

haley 5 months

Haley as pup

Haley NCAR#474

Haley, Tank and family
Haley is a small 5 month old black tri. She’s sweet, smart, fast and confident. She's into everything, learns quickly...both the good and the bad! She's busy and inquisitive and fears nothing.

She was purchased as an impulse, and her owners realized they couldn’t provide her with the home she deserves, so they asked us to take her. Please submit an application if you are interested in Haley. Fostered in Grass Valley.

Video of Haley and Red

Contact: Kim at

***ADOPTED 6/6***

Brody NCAR# 380

Brody and Jim
Jim wanted an Aussie he could take everywhere with him, and Brody wants to go everywhere with his person. Jim hikes daily and takes Brody with him to do errands as well as in his RV when he goes on long road trips. This match is PERFECT!

Brody is a small, friendly 7 year old black tri who is very loving and gave me kisses within 5 minutes of meeting me! He is gentle with children, can live with cats and asks for and receives hugs from complete strangers.....a nice trait! He was really friendly to everyone at the vet's office, including the technicians who gave him two shots! This boy loves strangers and greets them nicely.

Brody lived in a home where his owners were gone 9-11 hours a day, and he became bored and broke out of their back yard too many times. Brody is staying close to me, and really does well on off leash walks. He simply shouldn't be left in a yard alone...unless the fencing is bullet-proof. But he'd do best inside or going with you in the car. He will dig or squeeze through inadequate fencing if he's all alone. He'll find the closest person and park it next to him or her! He loves, loves, loves to be in the car and go for rides. This is a really, really nice boy who I love fostering in Grass Valley. Contact Kim at

***ADOPTED 6/1***

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